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~Welcome to Sacred Waters~


A sacred space where magic happens~ A space which is safe, comfortable, guarded and revered. A space where you discover who you are as a woman and where your true medicine lies. A space where you learn to heal and whole your bodies and Wombs. A space to explore and adorn your body temple.

I call upon you as the women of this earth to come together in this time of change, turmoil and uncertainty to dig deep and discover your deepest selves. I beckon you to heal your wombs and thus heal the great mother earth. I ask of you to awaken to the changing winds and Re~Birth a new Dawn...

Wise Women your body holds the wisdom and the innate knowing to birth your child. Discover the raw untapped power held in your womb, and let the magic unfold.



~Breathe life into your world and into your womb~


"And I discovered that the way to live the souls desire was not to try and change who I was but to become who I was on the deepest level of my being, to allow who I was to unfold." The Dance - Oriah Mountain Dreamer

Water gives life, holds life, is life ~ Jumana

Water gives life, holds life, is life ~ Jumana


At Sacred Waters I hold you through your journey from healing your womb, conception care, prenatal care, Birth and Postpartum care.


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Your body holds the Wisdom and the Ability to give Birth to your baby. Wise Women discover the Magic lying dormant within you. Open up your Hearts and Wombs to the infinite intelligence who is here to assist you at every step of this sacred journey. Your sisters, mothers and grandmothers have given birth time and again and so will you. 

Let this be your Mantra ~ I can birth my baby where I want to and the way I want to~



If any of these words resonate with you, keep walking you might have found the place you have been looking for. 

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Midwifery is a sacred union of Passion and a Career. I like to say its my “Calling”.
— Jumana
When we as a society begin to value mothers as the givers and supporters of LIFE then we will see social change in ways that MATTER.

Love n Peace ~ Jumana