A peek into your womb

The space within the womb is a very intriguing, very mysterious . It has a magical spark to it so to speak. How this single cell (sperm) meets with another single cell (ovum), how they come together in this gracious and mysterious dance and decide to merge against all odds and a wonderful new soul is born. This sacred merger then slowly multiplies each day, evolving into a multicellular being in just a few weeks. 

By the time you notice any movements within your body there is a person living within you, "your sacred womb" and the soul is there willingly. 

The mystery continues as this being grows a new organ each week and slowly organ systems come into being.  By 24 weeks this being is almost there physically with 10 fingers and 10 toes. the final finishing touches and the rest of the elements fall into place in the following weeks. 

In the third trimester this being is more present in her/his body, more in connection with the world outside. This being finally has decided to stay on to complete its journey earth ward. The final few weeks building up to birth are so magical and so crucial all of the souls involved. They are taking their vows to be a family to commit to each other and love. They are agreeing on the reasons for which they are being born to this earth. 

By week 36 this gorgeous baby is fully present, growing ever so fast, storing up all the energy and fat to make it earthward outside the "mysterious sacred waters" which held him/her and loved him/her so unconditionally. 

The souls journey to this planet as we know it is so so precious and mystical. Its also a journey of a lifetime for the mother; something that will be painted onto her psyche, in her DNA forever. Yes the father has his space too in this sacred dance of life.

A mother needs to choose intuitively, she should let her deep knowing guide her to the hands. The sacred hands and heart of a Midwife who understands her, holds sacred space for her while the mother takes her journey form a Maiden to "Motherhood".

This rite of passage ought to be guarded fiercely and with deep reverence for the mystery that life is. Someone who honors silence and screams with equal fervor. This divine time of birthing of the mother and the babe should be guarded with tenderness and fervor. 

So that the first steps of the baby on to this planet ever so gently....