This Video is a Tribulte to the Dais in India and at the same time a Blessing form the Dais; The traditional Birth Attendants In India. Me as an enthusiastic young Midwife embarked on a journey of a life time and was showered with deep wisdom and stories form another time and realm. I share this with deep reverence and gratitude in my heart and hands.

 Sept 2013


This video is the result of the labor of love, hardwork and determination on the part of a lot of individuals who donated their time, money and sheer love for this cause...

I would love to Thank all these people form the bottom of my heart and soul

  • My Dad, Dilawer Parkar who funded this work
  • Arif Bashir who helped me weave it all together in Kashmir
  • EKTA school of Drama and Repertory, Srinagar
  • Khaitul (My camera woman)
  • and many more whos names have faded away form my memory