Jumana Parkar, CPM,LM

                                                                                                                   a.k.a. The baby catcher


MY Journey to Midwifery



1999-2003 Biomedical Engineering (Mahatma Gandhi College of Engineering - Mumbai)

2012-2013Graduated as a CPM from Maternidad La Luz El Paso, Texas.

2014-2015 Residency at Maternidad La Luz El Paso, Texas.

Current Credentials:

Owner of Sacred Waters Midwifery

NARM Certified Professional Midwife

Texas Licensed Midwife

NARM Preceptor for Midwives

Certified Neonatal Resuscitation Provider

CPR Basic Life Support Provider


Positions Held:

Staff Midwife at Maternidad La Luz, El Paso

Staff Midwife at Birthing Sanctuary, Goa

Staff Midwife Bio Births, Houston


This is me in short...if you want to know more about my journey skip this part and continue to My story


I have worked at a high volume birth centre on the border of El Paso and have attended more than 400 births and delivered well over 300 babies in my short career of over 3 years as a Licensed Midwife. I have been a NARM Preceptor for over 2 years and have successfully help train over 20 students.

I am currently serving the Women in Houston and the surrounding areas.

I was initiated into the art of Midwifery by the pioneer grandmothers of midwifery Ina May Gaskin and Pamela Hunt back in the fall of 2011 at the Farm. After which I attended the well known school Maternidad La Luz in El Paso, Texas and served the women coming across the border from Mexico. I also attended a linguistic school to learn Spanish in Guatemala so that I could offer these women care in their own mother tongue.

I am well versed in many languages and traces my roots and culture form the beautiful and versatile land of India. I come from a lineage of Granny Midwives and proudly carry the legacy and prayer of my Great Grand mother Medina who served more than a hundred and fifty years ago as a medicine woman and a Dai (Midwife in India).



My Story

Who am I?

 This has always been a pivotal question I keep coming back to, time and again! There have been many labels stuck with my name. I am a daughter, who was groomed to be a woman. Earned couple of degrees and changed a dozen of professions.  But each time coming back to the same basic question; “Who AM I?”

And then one day I receive a letter in my inbox, from a complete stranger. The gravity of my work had moved him and inspired him to pour his heart out, to another stranger; to me. It was like somebody holding a mirror for me; showing me who I was; “A keeper of the sacred bond” a bond so pure that even the Goddess holds space for her, a “Midwife”. 

 Till this point I had understood very little of life. Now, the lessons learnt at school and college served no more. The unlearning outdid all of the learning. After which there was relearning. Each wave washed me clean ready to fill me in with new life force. I was brought to my purpose; yes I had to jump in head first and trust the universe to hold me at the bottom. It held me strong and walked a mile with me to tell me what I was here on this earth for.

I was reborn as a handmaiden, to serve, to sit patiently and watch the changes from moment to moment… to be with a woman.

My mothers and grandmothers were the tenders and seed keepers of the land. Wise old women, who nurtured me, fed me from the bosoms of life, Sang sweet hymns in my tender ears. These women held me in each of their Wombs, giving me a part of their own. To make me who I am today, a Dai (a midwife)

I am 400 births old now, an infant myself in the birth world. I was initiated into the art by Ina May and Pamela the grandmothers of midwifery at The farm in Summer town, Tennessee. I received my CPM from Maternidad La Luz which is nestled in the border town of El Paso, Texas. And then I returned to serve the women in my home country- India.

In this technocratic world it is important that some of us hold on to these ancient ways ensuring some roots remain, dig deep. I believe my work as a Spiritual Midwife safeguards mothers and babies, holding space for birth to unfold. 

Birth is as old as this earth, from the first breath of inception this mother ship of ours has given birth. First to simple one celled forms to a trillion multicelled human it all came from her. Birthing is imprinted in our DNA. We just have to tap into our primitive brain and access this information by simply believing in the design. "Surrender is the mantra". ~ Jumana

My work in the last 5 years has helped me understand the sacred cycles of life. The different altars at which women stand transcending each time to a new realm. The realms are called menarche, childbirth and menopause; each realm a rite of passage. The moons and the sacred blood bring intuitive power to women. It opens up flood gates into the world of divine raw feminine power. The power of Shakti (the Goddess of destruction paired with Shiva the God of creation). Every birth room is filled with this dance of creation and destruction, threading in between realms is the mother birthing a new light. Every birth is filled with hope, there is no right or wrong to it. It just is; pure unadulterated energy; birthing to evolve to yet another realm. I rest knowing this.


My prayer to the mother “I have come from you and to you I shall return one day. The day I close my eyes and lie in your womb would be the day I would have fulfilled my purpose of being born to you to the universe”. ~ Jumana