100th Anniversary: nacido un milagro de mi vida

It literally translates to the 100th birth: a miracle in my life.

This is the birth of Arpitaa Pandey. A STRONG woman. So beautiful, so grounded, so focused. I met her at a clinic in Mumbai. I had gone to meet up with the doctor when Arpitaa walked in with her husband Nitesh. She was very vocal and came in muttering about how she still had not met the midwife she was wanting. She saw me and instantly asked me to work with her. She was 28 weeks pregnant at the time flaunting a beautiful  belly and i fell for her. And thus began our saga.

1st July 2013: I get a call from clinic saying Arpitaa is in labor. I am super confused. I had just spoken to Arpitaa a few minutes back and she seemed nowhere close to labor. I keep my doubts aside and pack my bags and call Akshat to pick me to take me to the clinic. Arpitaa is all radiant with some mild contractions. (Dr.) looks at her and tells her she will have her baby by morning. I have my doubts but keep quiet as i did not have a strong basis to differ (I had not done a vaginal but i had a gut feeling she was too early).

We decided to stay at the clinic for the night and observe what was happening. Arpitaa was clearly in early labor, he contractions would stop when she laid down and she could rest. By morning the contractions had completely subsided so we decided to do a vaginal exam. She sure was closed. I advised for all of us to go home.

The following week was intense with loads of early labor contractions and intermittent rest. On the 7th night I received a frantic call from Arpitaa saying there was a gush of blood so we decided to go to the hospital to be safe. And within no time her water broke. I packed up and made my way to the home. By then she had calmed down and had felt her baby move. I got there and checked the baby's heart tones and they were about 140bpm (normal). her contractions had picked up and were 2-3 minutes apart. So we decided to go the the hospital.

We waited in the car till the room was set up and Arpitaa could no longer sit. We labored in the room next door till the pool got ready. It sure was a task to fill the pool with 14 bottles of Bisleri water and then warm it. All that took hours. Arpitaa was doing quite good outside. There were changes in her vaginal secretions (show) and her behavior. I was guestimating her dilation around 6 cms when she got into the pool. She labored in there for a good 2 hours. The pool had started to deflate and there was no way we could reheat the water. Arpitaa was getting close to transition when the pool had to be inflated. All this disrupted the peace and energy in the room. She decided to come out of the pool and was getting a bit pushy. So with her consent i checked her and she sure was 8cms. By this time she was visibly exhausted. Frequent motions and empty stomach had drained Arpitaa completely. The food that was brought in for her was way too spicy and so she could not eat at all.

Me and Nitesh gave her some healing Reki that calmed her for a few more contractions. Now i could visualize a pink lotus blooming. That assured me that all was well. I also got a vision that Arpitaa was going to squat and birth out on land.

I had lost sense of time by now but surely an hour had passed and her she was really getting pushy. But Arpitaa was all over the place now. She was having a hard time focusing and i new it was getting close to completion. To help her rest a bit Nitesh suggested 2 sips of red wine, which i agreed to. As she was a non drinker and also on an empty stomach she was thrown into a delirium for a bit. I assured her that this is all normal and that she was going to see her baby soon. She started requesting for a C-section. I convinced her that she was close to her dream of having a drug free vaginal birth and it was just around the corner. I asked her if i could check her for reassurance and she was complete with a slight cervical lip. Wow she was right there.

Another hour or so passed by and her surges got stronger but her energy weaker. I wanted her rest but nothing seemed to work. She needed the golden hour of rest before she could push. Absolutely nothing seemed to be working. I had reached the end of my resources as well and so i turned to praying. We almost had decided to go in for a second opinion and so called the Dr.in. She insisted to do a vaginal again. (Arpitaa was dead against veda touching her). As soon as the Dr. touched her (without informed consent) Apritaa flew from the bed on the floor where i caught her in time. Wow down goes all the Oxytocin.I lot of drama followed. She announced that there were no chances of a C-section and decided to give her some pain medications. By now I had no say in what was going on. We finally decided that the baby was low and Arpitaa was ready to push.

We got into a squat and Dr. was praying. The baby was moving down with each push. I asked for a birth stool which helped Arpitaa rest a bit and also helped her direct her energies. The prayer seemed to be helping as well. I could see gaping and after a bit a beautiful pink scalp emerged. Arpitaa slowly stretched her tissues and helped her baby birth. It was the most peaceful crowning I had seen.The pulse was good. A few more pushes and little angel dropped into my hands with a nuchal cord tight around his neck. I slid it around his head and the Dr. helpd me as well.

A gorgeous baby was born to Arpitaa and Nitesh.

Nitesh was like a rock through out. he was by Arpitaa's side all the time and amazing husband and father.


Patience, Perseverance, Faith, Fights, Tears all of this and more...my 100 birth