This is Ischel's birth: Ix Chel the Mayan birth Goddess

I have only heard stories of her, the jaguar goddess of midwifery and medicine, the goddess of the moons and making children. I had the honor of meeting her face to face a few day's ago, she birthed her baby in my sacred hands and reaffirmed my faith in miracles.

jewel whispered in my ears that night as i was rising from my sleep, there was a mom waiting to be attended, as i rose i had this feeling of calm and bliss, i stepped down and even before looking at her chart or her knew that she was going to birth soon. I affirmed this with Lilly who was going to be my midwife that night.

As i entered her room she looked at me and held on to me, i told her i was going to be her midwife and with a childlike innocence she asked me if i will be by her side the whole way through and i said yes i will.

we then moved to the tub to take a shower, as i bathed her i said prayers for her and her little one. Her rushes ebbed and flowed making space for more, as she rode with them she opened; her cervix a gorgeous flower. We came back to the bed after a while and i asked her to rest. Her body had other plans; her water broke and a midst of taking heart tones she asked if she could push and we said she could if there was no pain in her lower uterine segment; and there was not. She kept saying the baby was coming, so Lilly did a vaginal exam and she sure was complete.

There was no stopping her after that, she gave a few pushes and there was the Pablo's head, chubby and round, it restituted and as i waited for the next contraction to birth the body i saw a nuchal hand and i tried to birth the body with it, when Lilly just got in and birthed the hand aiding the body to slide out easily. We did active management as she had low hemo (9.7 on her initial).

The after birth came out easily after a few contractions, there was very little bleeding. her perineum was intact in-spite of there being a compound presentation. She had really stretched beautifully, she exactly knew within how to birth her offspring.

Miracles do happen, we just need to believe in them...