Zamir ~ Conscience ~heart ~ for peace ~ a song bird

21 October 2013 @ 10.15a.m. placenta @10.55a.m.

Goa Birthing Sanctuary

Janey Nightangel~mother

Arif Lone~father




Assist~Pari (8 yrs old)

Janey had known the gender of the baby and very mindfully had chosen to name him Zamir~Conscience. Janey Nightingale is  a 41yr old first time mother from the U.K. She had been coming back to India and Goa for the past 4 yrs now.

In 2009 on her first trip to India she met partner and father of her child Arif, a handsome Kashmiri man. They were initially just friends and and over time their relationship developed. Zamir was conceived with a lot of love in Goa.His mother learned about the pregnancy after being back in the UK for a week.

The main part of the pregnancy was spent in the UK as that was the most practical decision at the time.Janey had a very supportive community back home.She also kept working throughout the pregnancy and was able to keep up her boxing classes and yoga which kept her active and healthy.It was necessary for Janey to return to India to birth to enable Arif to share in this event as he did not yet have a visa for the UK. It was impossible to imagine not sharing this experience as a family. Luckily the Birthing Sanctuary gave them the ideal way to achieve a natural birth experience together.

Janey traveled at 36 weeks from UK to Goa. After hours of sitting on the plane she made her way to the Birth Sanctuary in South Goa. She was exhausted the day I peeked my head into her room, barely able to talk or make conversation. But our eyes had connected and made conversations our bodies could not.

The next night Arif comes in with Janey dancing with each surge. The hours of travel and the couple making up for lost time had helped Jane get into early labor. Despite it only beingher second evening in India and it being a month from the due date she was doing really well.

I made her a cup of chamomile tea and asked her to soak into a hot shower. The surges continued into the earlymorning but faded out and she went off to sleep.More than 10 days passed after that first bout of practice labor. By this time the birthing center had become less of a center and more of a community. Each day was consumed by child birth education classes, cooking, gardening and loads of talking.

Mornings would roll into evenings within seconds. There was barely ever a chance to hit the beach, but we did savor such evenings when all of us walked on the sand gazing at the enormous redness of the Sun.

One day I get called in by a very anxious Arif that Jane was bleeding (they had just made love and Janey had lost her mucus plug).  I rushed into their room to check in and all was normal and I advised Janey that the labor could be any day now.During the time at the sanctuary a lot of changes came about in the community, especially as far as communication was concerned. It is a part of every community and we were working on it.

Before we could resolve the differences fully Jane went into labor. I was woken up by Arif at around 5.30 a.m . He had the most anxious expression.Janey had puked and pooped a few times and within 15 minutes of waking  was in full blown labor doing great. Just by the noises she made and her facial expressions I knew the baby was coming soon. Her surges were also very strong and rhythmic. I woke everyone in the house up and gave them very particular chores which they did very devotedly. I got all the equipment i could need to the birth room and started working on the pool.

Janey worked well with Arif they would dance through each surge while all of us got the rest of the things in place. Within no time Janey wanted me to check and see if she was ready to push so I did. She was almost there and i asked her to blow through a few more surges.

In the next few minutes I could see the head on the mirror. The head of the baby was dark and I cried out Zamir has the fathers hair. I called in Pari and Rashmie as they wanted to witness the birth as well. The head had started crowning and we could all see it so clearly. We chanted mantras to welcome little Zamir. Janey looked into my eyes and said she felt really afraid and i reassured her that all was well. She gave out a loud cry and out came Zamir into my hands. He was born in the caul (amniotic sac), I gently peeled it off. He had a nuchal cord which I undid very easily. Janey birthed squatting holding on to the bed with Arif besides her. There was no time to even fill the pool ;). The babies have a mind of their

As the family took in the first few minutes of the new life we gave Janey some herbal tea to help with the bleeding and the placenta. After a good 45 minutes came the placenta. All this time we left the baby attached to the placenta.It was a very natural, fast and peaceful birth which lasted less than 5 hours from the get go. Janey had totally tapped into wild primal feminine.


* making love releases a lot of hormones especially the cocktail of love hormones Oxytocin, Endorphins, Dopamine and Serotonin which help one get into labor.