The Call

The Wolf Tribe; this is a call to you.

This ever evolving organism/space which calls women together;" the wolf tribe " is howling and sending a cry to all the women to come  to heal, to spread love to remind the sleep walkers to wake up, to help them remember who they are and why they have come to this planet in this time/space reality.

There is going to come a time when I am going to howl for my tribe, "The Tribe"and the ones who hear the call will come to this time space reality and this gathering of energies will shape-shift as one being as one organism bringing about ripples of healing modalities and medicines, working like a Mitochondria a power house of sorts, these warriors, change makers, medicine women will help see clearly and lead humanity into a new dawn. They will create medicine wheels which will help spiral this potent omnipresent energy to go places and spaces as when required.

This new era will have its own story and that story will be written by these shape shifters who can teleport to where they are needed and will act as catalysts. The pulse of the earth is asking of these Amazon Warriors, these Peace Warriors to come forth in this time as their unique selves and with their unique gifts. This is it this is our collective dream. We have gone to the darkest of dungeons and the only way out of this womb is to be born, re-born as the peace warrior that each one of you choose consciously.

This is a call from Gaia and if you are truly ready to hear this call which i know in the heart of hearts, in my womb that you are you know the answer. You have heard this language before in past lives and we as sisters as one clan have run and played , touched and healed.


We are here born in this time/space reality to come together again as one being as sisters from different biological mothers; from different parts of this fragmented earth mother. But remember we were held together in the same sacred womb a long long long time ago and we died together fighting the same battle. She held our bodies for us till we were ready to be re-born, we were fed with the same pulse and swaddled in her gynormas heart.

This is the time to drop the masks to come forth from your hiding spaces and embrace the true essence of who you really are. A Woman, A Grandmother A Mother, A Daughter, A Sister, A Friend, A midwife, A Doula, A life giver, A life bearer, A Medicine Woman, A Shaman, A Shape Shifter,  A Seed Keeper, A Guardian of the Sacred Lands, The one who holds the sacred waters.


Yes you were raped and plundered,

Yes you were beaten and burned,

yes your throats were slit open

and your insides engorged;

Yes you have lost your unborn children

and you have cried a thousand tears,

Yes you have quested in my forests

and prayed by my fire.


Yes you have thrown rocks at me and even called me names

No It was not me it was all your own journey

You choose it all...

Yesssss you did!


And now I want you...NO you want me to remind you to re-write your story in a new light.

The story that you all have re-lived countless times as sisters.

This is a howl a cry to you all out there and I can't say it enough times; If you hear this please please please look into my eyes, acknowledge  me, acknowledge each one in this pack and break out of this body to be this being that you are called to be.

To walk this earth as a being of light, fulfilling your souls true purpose.