There are a few beautiful birth pictures on this page, viewer discretion is advised...


This is what Paige Russel a Third time Mom has to say about her Midwife Jumana

"Working with Jumana had such a positive impact on my life that I don't quite know where to begin. She is what I would say a full spectrum Midwife-someone who cared for me in many ways. It was an experience of being cared for physically, mentally and spiritually. While I was dealing with the wide range of pregnancy emotions she comforted me, when I worried she listened to my concerns and helped to calm me. She was a nonjudgemental ear and I always felt heard. 

I feel she went above and beyond with my care. Even though this was my third pregnancy Jumana had a way about making me feel absolutely celebrated. Being under her care allowed me to have the most nourishing pregnancy and Birth experience I could have imagined and I will be forever grateful for her."

Paige went ahead and caught her own baby <3 ...

Paige and Me

Paige and Jumana in ceremony to honor her being pregnant. Yup Jumana did the Belly Henna too!!!

Paige, baby Violet and Jumana

Asma Parkar a first time Mother who came to the U.S. form Dubai to have a home Birth with her Sister her Midwife.

These are the Happy faces of three generations of Women, Asma (Mother), Jumana(Midwife/Sister/Aunt/Daughter), Zara(Baby) and Haseena (Grandmother)

This is what Shashi and Priyamvadha from India had to say about Jumana...

" Jumana appeared like an angel from above when we were striving so hard to ensure our first baby arrives on this planet in a comfortable and joyous way. We had nowhere to go and had absolutely no idea about the whole natural birthing untill we came across Jumana. She was with us at every step. It won't be untrue to say that I felt that she appeared almost part pregnant. She was so concerned, so loving and responsible. Unfortunately, she could not make to India at the birthing date and we had to shift to other support. But, we feel it was only because of Jumana's constant conviction and confidence in us that eventually allowed us to deliver Tashi, baby boy naturally. We are deeply grateful to her and wish that she helps many more parents and children feel that esctasy of natural birthing which is almost on the verge of extinction in modern world. Thank you Jumana ! "

This Is Julia from Belarus also our cover page model :)

Julia was a first time Mother form Belarus who came to Goa to have her baby with the Dolphins and found me. She did labor in the ocean and then moved to the pool we had on the property and eventually made it to the birth pool to have her baby. It truly was an Orgasmic Birth!!! Find the url to her birth blog at the bottom of this picture. Its in Russian so all the best.

Julia, Konon and baby Mishel

This is what Mariana a student Midwife has to say about Jumana

"I met Jumana as a Midwife in a very busy birth center. I am deeply humbled to have witnessed some of her abilities . She consistently demonstrates being able to calmly manage students (at different levels of knowledge) and the various situations happening with the clinic clients, even during stressful situations. Jumana's warm heart and analytic mind enables her to create a beautiful safe space where women can be themselves and have their babies on their own terms.